SeekTheEvidence aims to promote greater critical thinking in the public arena in an easy to understand and entertaining way. You can get started straight away by clicking “LEARN MORE!” at the top of this page, but we also invite you to begin by watching Michael Shermer’s talk on why people believe strange things:

Video from TED – a non-profit devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

We’ll use publicly available footage and websites to help explain how we fall for “fallacies”—traps that lead us to believe in so many of the hoaxes, scams, and worldly oddities we encounter. Best of all, we’ll show you how to spot ’em—and tear ’em apart!

  • We’ll show you how you can use those same techniques to fool your friends, much like magicians & mentalists (hopefully you’ll share it after—the tricks, not the beer!)
  • We’ll cover the psychology of thinking, some of the problems with how we “think” we think, and what we can do to “think critically” about the extraordinary claims we hear
  • We’ll explain the common problems people make when arguing (however, we take no responsibility in your significant others’ anger at you for “always thinking you’re right”!)

You’ll be surprised to learn some of the things that will come up! In the end, we hope you’ll be able to avoid common fallacies, and to look at any extraordinary claim with a sharp, skeptical eye.