About STE

SeekTheEvidence is an internationally collaborated, but grassroots-orientated campaign that aims to develop critical-thinking on a global level through promoting rationality, sensibility, and logical reasoning in the public arena through local activism.

We try equip the public with the skillz* needed to spot BS
*skillz: awesome abilities

Registered in 2011, SeekTheEvidence was founded in Australia. SeekTheEvidence encourages ANYONE, and EVERYONE to contribute what they can through any media or medium, be it:

  • Poster Designs (All Languages),
  • Fact-cards (All Languages),
  • Audio or Video Public Service Announcements (All Languages),
  • or Printing Services for your local area!

If you have suggestions for promoting critical thinking, let us know, and we’ll work on implementing those ideas too!

Commenting Policy

Comments are used as a way of garnering public recommendations for videos, books, etc rather than a platform for discussion, thus engagement via comments is highly unlikely.

All comments will not be published; they will however be read and taken in to account. :]


Primary Contact:
Bayani Mills bayanimills@gmail.com


Feedback & Recommendations

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