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Video: Crash Course in Critical Thinking


Video: An Easy-to-understand Series on Critical Thinking

The resource covers basic logic and faulty arguments, developing student’s critical thinking skills.
Suitable for year 8-10, the series is focused on science issues; the module can be adapted to suit classroom plans.

This Fantastic Six-Part series covers:

1. The importance of presenting a worthwhile argument

2. Broken Logic

3. The “Straw-man” Fallacy

4. Personal Attacks (ad hominem)

5. The Gambler’s Fallacy

6. The Precautionary Principal

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Video: Peer Pressure

Being able to think critically about situations requires us to separate our impulse to jump to a conclusion, and I see out the real answer – not just “an” answer.

We can make poor judgements if we jump to the “popular” choice by others; this is a logical fallacy. Many people can be wrong, and – as demonstrated in this clip, many can just be trying to manipulate you.

See what happens when peer pressure is applied in social situations:

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Video: An Introduction to Critical Thinking

There are many videos available that can be used as an introduction to Critical Thinking. Videos are generally chosen for their either brevity, concise explanations, and overall content.

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