Quotes: Images of Quotes on Science and Evidence

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Video: An Easy-to-understand Series on Critical Thinking

The resource covers basic logic and faulty arguments, developing student’s critical thinking skills.
Suitable for year 8-10, the series is focused on science issues; the module can be adapted to suit classroom plans.


This Fantastic Six-Part series covers:

1. The importance of presenting a worthwhile argument

2. Broken Logic

3. The “Straw-man” Fallacy

4. Personal Attacks (ad hominem)

5. The Gambler’s Fallacy

6. The Precautionary Principal

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Your Logical Fallacy Is…

A fantastic new website was recently launched listing common logical fallacies!

They have posters available for each fallacy!

Check them out at http://www.yourlogicalfallacyis.com

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